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General characteristics: the most widely used semiconductor, dominates entirely electronic applications; native oxide SiO2 is a very high quality insulator; single crystal Si can be processed into wafers up to 300 mm in diameter which are essentially defect-free; Si features excellent mechanical properties and as such is broadly used in MEMS applications.

Crystal structure:diamond
Lattice constant [nm]:0.5431
Density [g/cm3]:2.329
Atomic concentration [cm-3]:5x1022
Melting point[oC]:1414
Thermal conductivity [W/cm-oC]: 1.3
Thermal expansion coeff. [oC-1]: 2.6x10-6
Dielectric const. (static): 11.7
Refractive index: 3.42
Energy gap, Eg [eV]: 1.12
Type of energy gap: Indirect
Drift mobility [cm2/V-sec]:
Electron: 1,450
Hole: 450
Intrinsic carrier conc.[ cm-3]: 1.02x1010 cm-3
Donors: phosphorous, arsenic, antimony
Acceptors: boron
Silicon Carbide

General characteristics: increasingly commonly used in manufacture of high-temperature, high-power devices; also used as a substrate for GaN deposition in blue laser/LED fabrication.

Crystal structure:cubic (3C-SiC) hexagonal (4H-SiC or 6H-SiC)

Lattice constant [nm]: 0.436(C) 0.308(H)
Density [g/cm3]:
Atomic concentration [cm-3]:
Melting point [oC]: sublimes > 2,100
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: 5
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]:
Dielectric constant: 9.7 9.7
Refractive index:
Energy gap [eV]: 2.3 (C) 3.03(H)
Type of energy gap: indirect
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Electron 800(C) 400(H)
Hole 40 (C) 100 (H)
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]
Reference: Go to Semiconductor Notes for more SiC information
Silicon Germanium

General characteristics: a IV-IV compound used a layer on which, upon its deposition on Si substrate, a layer of strained Si can be formed.

Crystal structure:
Lattice constant [nm]:
Density [g/cm3]:
Atomic concentration [cm-3]:
Melting point [oC]:
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]:
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]:
Dielectric constant:
Refractive index:
Energy gap [eV]:
Type of energy gap:
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]:
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