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Element from the IIIrd group of periodic table; not a semiconductor; forms III-V compound semiconductors with selected elements from the Vth group of periodic table.
Gallium Nitride

General characteristics: Wide bandgap semiconductor used to make green, blue, and violet LEDs and laser diodes as well as high performance transistors (e.g. HEMT); intrinsically n-type but can be p-type doped; high thermal conductivity; heterostructures with lattice matched AlxGa1-xN and InxGa1-xN; see Semiconductor Note ote SN-9 for more information.

Crystal structure: Wurtzite(W) or Zinc Blend(ZB)
Lattice constant [nm]: 0.3189(W) 0.5186(ZB)
Density[g/cm3]: 6.15(W) 6.15(ZB)
Atomic concentration [cm-3]: 8.9 x 1022(W) 8.9 x 1022(ZB)
Melting point [oC]: 2,500(W) 2,500(ZB)
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: 1.3(W) 1.3(W)
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]: .....x10-6
Dielectric constant (static): 8.9(W) 9.7(ZB)
Refractive index: 2.4(W) 2.3(ZB)
Energy gap [eV]: 3.4(W)
Type of energy gap: direct
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Electron: 300(W) 1,000(ZB)
Hole; 350(ZB)
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]: .....

Gallium Phosphide

General characteristics: unlike most of III-V binary semiconductors GaP features indirect bandgap but with some As and/or In added bandgap becomes direct; important compund in LED technology.

Crystal structure: zinc blend
Lattice constant [nm]: 0.545
Density [g/cm3]: 4.14
Atomic concentration [cm-3]: 4.94 x 1022
Melting point [oC]: 1457
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: 1.1
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]: 4.65x10-6
Dielectric constant: 11.1
Refractive index: 3.02
Energy gap [eV]: 2.26
Type of energy gap: indirect
Electron mobility [cm2/V sec]: 250
Hole mobility [cm2/V sec]: 150
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]....
Gallium Arsenide

General characteristics: The most common (important) III-V semiconductor; used in the variety of electronic (analog and digital) and photonic (light emitters)applications; also, key component in several highly engineered III-V ternary compounds, e.g. AlGaAs.

Crystal structure: zinc blend
Lattice constant [nm]: 0.5653
Density [g/cm3]: 5.32
Atomic concentration [cm-3]: 4.42 x 1022
Melting point [oC]: 1,240
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: 0.55
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]: 5.73x10-6
Dielectric constant (static): 12.9
Refractive index: 3.4
Energy gap [eV]: 1.43
Type of energy gap: direct
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Electron: 8,500
Hole: 400
Intrinsic carrier conc.[cm-3]: 2.1x1013
Gallium Antimonide

General characteristics: a III-V compound featuring high electron AND hole mobilities.

Crystal structure: zinc blend
Lattice constant [nm]: 0.695
Density [g/cm3]: ....
Atomic concentration [cm-3]: .... x 1022
Melting point [oC]: ....
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: ...
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC] ....x10-6
Dielectric constant (static): 15
Refractive index: 3.9
Energy gap [eV]: 0.72
Type of energy gap direct
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Electron: 5,000
Hole: 1,000
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]....
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