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Carbon (diamond)

General characteristics: single crystal carbon - diamond; excellent semiconductor properties; until today not possible to obtain in the form and quantities allowing device manufacturing on a commercial scale; problems with n-type doping also hinder efforts to make active semiconductor devices using diamond.

Crystal structure: diamond
Lattice constant [nm]: 0.357
Density [g/cm3]: 3.5
Atomic concentration [cm -3]:
Melting point [oC]: 4,300
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: 26
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]: 8x107
Dielectric constant (static): 5.5
Refractive index: 2.715 at 227 nm
2.410 at 656 nm
Energy gap [eV]; 5.45
Type of energy gap: indirect
Mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Electron: 1,900
Hole: 1,600
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]:

Carbon (graphene)

a two-dimensional part of three-dimensional graphite, i.e. a single atom thick planar sheet of carbon bonded in a specific fashion; sometime referred to as "carbon sheet"; rolled into a cylinder, graphene will form a single-walled carbon nanotube; potentially usefull in the fabrication electronic devices including ballistic transistor.
Silicon Carbide

General characteristics: increasingly commonly used in manufacture of high-temperature, high-power devices; also used as a substrate for GaN deposition in blue laser/LED fabrication.

Crystal structure:cubic (3C-SiC) hexagonal (4H-SiC or 6H-SiC)

Lattice constant [nm]: 0.436(C) 0.308(H)
Density [g/cm3]:
Atomic concentration [cm-3]:
Melting point [oC]: sublimes > 2,100
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]: 5
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]:
Dielectric constant: 9.7 9.7
Refractive index:
Energy gap [eV]: 2.3 (C) 3.03(H)
Type of energy gap: indirect
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Electron 800(C) 400(H)
Hole 40 (C) 100 (H)
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]
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