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Element from the IIIrd group of periodic table; metal; forms III-V compound semiconductors with selected elements from the Vth group of periodic table.
Aluminum Nitride

General characteristics: Along with boron nitride (BN)the widest bandgap material displaying semiconductor properties. Also pursued as a material for ultra-short UV (down to 200 nm)detection devices.

Crystal structure: wurzite
Lattice constant [nm]: 0.311
Density [g/cm3]: 5.9
Atomic concentration [cm-3]:
Melting point [oC]:
Thermal conduct.[W/cm oC]:
Th. expansion coeff.[1/oC]:
Dielectric constant (static): 9
Refractive index: 2.2
Energy gap [eV]: 6.2
Type of energy gap: direct
Drift mobility [cm2/V sec]:
Intrinsic carrier conc. [cm-3]:
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