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well  term commonly refers to implanted/diffused region in Si wafer needed to implement complementary MOS (CMOS) cell; depending on the design either n-well or p-well is used.
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quantum well  semiconductor heterostructure fabricated to implement quantum effects in electronic and photonic applications; typically an ultra-thin layer of narrower bandgap semiconductor is sandwiched between two layers of larger bandgap semiconductor; realized using III-V semiconductors,e.g. GaAs and AlxGa1-xAs; electrons and holes are free to move in the direction perpendicular to the crystal growth direction, but not in the direction of crystal growth, hence, are 2-dimensionally "confined" and display characteristics distinctly different than in the "open" 3-dimensional crystal.
bandgap engineering  processes in which energy gap of semiconductor is altered in the desired way by changing chemical composition of semiconductor; e.g. by adding Al bandgap of GaAs can be altered; used in superlattice fabrication.
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retrograde well  an approach to well formation in CMOS structures; highest concentration of dopant (implanted) in the well is located at certain distance from the surface; denser, less susceptible to latch-up CMOS device result.
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