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strained silicon  very thin layer of single-crystal silicon with built-in strain (stress) to accelerate electrons; allows manufacture of faster devices.

Reference: See Semiconductor Notes for more information
pseudomorphic material  term concerns lattice-mismatched heterostructures; psuedomorphic film is a layer of single-crystal material on single-crystal substrate featuring slightly different chemical composition, and hence, slightly different lattice constant; lattice mismatch is accommodated by strain in the film; thinner than certain critical thickness (hc)above which stress in the film is released by formation of dislocation.
scattering  process responsible for electron in a certain state, defined by its crystal momentum, suddenly moving into a different state; result of interactions with host atoms in the lattice, dopant atoms, as well defects; fundamental effect defining electron transport in semiconductor; in a way scattering can be seen as a "collision" during which species do not come to physical contact.
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