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ramp voltage oxide breakdown, Ebd  measure of reliability of oxides in MOS gates; gate voltage is gradually increased until oxide breaks down (uncontrolled current flows across the oxide)and oxide breakdown voltage is determined; a TZDB method; oxide breakdown field is a ratio of breakdown voltage over oxide thickness typically expressed in MV/cm.
oxide breakdown  irriversible change in physical properties of an insulating oxide as a result of very high electric field in the oxide; as a result of "breakdown" oxide no longer displays insulating properties.

Reference: See Semiconductor Note #20 for more information
charge-to-breakdown, Qbd  measure of reliability of oxides in MOS gates; certain current is forced through the oxide at the constant gate voltage; point in time at which voltage drops (indicating oxide failure) is determined; knowing current and time to breakdown total charge needed to break the oxide is determined; a TDDB method.
Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown, TDDB  technique to evaluate reliability of gate oxides in MOS devices; breakdown of the oxide resulting from the prolonged stress; either time needed to break voltage stressed oxide is measured (CVS - Constant Voltage Stress), or time of current injection into the oxide after which oxide fails (CCS - Constant Current Stress).

Reference: Click here for additional information
Time-Zero Dielectric Breakdown, TZDB  technique to evaluate reliability of gate oxides in MOS devices; oxide breakdown occuring without prolonged stress, i.e. under the condition of stress rapidly increasing from zero to oxide breakdown.

Reference: Click here for additional information
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