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planarization  process of flatting of the surface of the wafer; done either by deposition of additional material and back polishing it, or by deposition and re-flowing of SiO2 doped with P and B (BPSG), or by depositing thick layer of resist.
BPSG  boro-phospho-silicate glass; silicon dioxide (silica) with boron and phosphorus added to lower temperature at which glass (oxide) starts to flow from about 950 oC for pure SiO2 to about 500 oC for BPSG; used to planarize the surface; deposited by CVD.
CMP  Chemical Mechanical Polishing, Chemical Mechanical Planarization, method of removing layers of solid by chemical-mechanical polishing carried out for the purpose of surface planarization and definition of metal interconnect pattern; key process in back-end of line IC manufacturing.
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