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lighting, semiconductor lighting,  instead of using for illumination purposes the energy consuming and inefficient conventional incadescent (hot filament) or fluorescen bulbs (gas-discharge)the low-energy, high efficiency semiconductor LEDs (OLEDs for instance) are used.
LED, Light Emitting Diode  semiconductor device emitting light; two-terminal rectifying device made using direct bandgap semiconductor; energy generated during recombination processes in the space charge region of the junction (typically p-n) is released in the form of light; wavelength of emitted radiation depends on the width of the bandgap.
organic LED, OLED  Organic Light Emitting Diode; mechanism of light emission is different than in conventional LEDs; in OLEDs radiation is emitted as a result of electron-hole interactions in the thin film organic semiconductor leading to the formation of exciton; de-excitatipon of excitons results in photon emission.
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