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lattice constant , a  distance between atoms in cubic-cell crystals; measure of structural compatibility of various crystals.
lattice  periodic arrangement of atoms in a crystal specific to a given material; lattice constant, a, defines distance between atoms in cubic-cell crystals.
lattice mismatch  term refers to the situation where two materials featuring different lattice constants are brought together by deposition of one material on top of another; in general, lattice mismatch will prevent growth of defect-free epitaxial film unless thickness of the film is below certain critical thickness; in this last case lattice mismatch is compensated by the strain in the film.
lattice matched structure  structure consisting of ultra-thin layers of single crystal semiconductors (typically III-V)of different chemical composition, but featuring the same lattice constant; allows changes of energy gap from layer to layer maintaining the same crystallographic structure throughtout the entire stack; very common in advanced LEDs and laser diodes.
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