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ionization  process in which an atom is converted into an ion by giving away one or more of its electrons.
Term (Index) Definition
impact ionization  generation of electron-hole pairs in semiconductor due to a collision of high kinetic energy species with an atom in a lattice.
electron-hole pair  whenever electron acquires energy sufficient to "move" from the valence band to the conductiorn band a free hole is created in the valence band, and hence, electron-hole pair is generated; when electron and hole recombine, electron-hole pair is anihilated.
Term (Index) Definition
ionization energy  energy needed to ionize dopant atom in semiconductor, i.e. to have dopant atom to release one free electron (donor) or one free hole (acceptor).
doping  introduction of dopant into semiconductor for the purpose of altering its electrical properties; allows control of resistivity/conductivity of semiconductor by several orders of magnitude; also used to convert p-type material into n-type material and vice versa.
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