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ionic bond  formed in compound materials between the electronegative and electropositive elements; two ions attract each other and are held together by simple electrostatic force; fairly strong bond; hard substances featuring high melting high and boiling point; many compounds of interest in semiconductor technology feature combination of covalent and ionic bonds (e.g. GaAs).
covalent bond  material is held together by sharing electrons between adjacent (bonded) atoms; in the case of silicon (atomic number 14) each atom shares its four outer electrons with each of the four adjacent atoms leaving no free electrons as remaining 10 electrons are tightly bonded to the nuclei; material featuring covalent bond e.g. Si, Ge, C.
metallic bond  positive metal ions are embedded in an electron gas that permeates the entire solid; the material is held together by electrostatic interaction betweens the ions and electrons; electrons can move freely throughout the material without significant change in their energy; materials featuring metallic bond are excellent conductors.
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