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interstitial  atom in the crystal lattice located in between lattice atoms.
Term (Index) Definition
interstitial diffusion  diffusion mechanism in which diffusant moves in between host atoms in the lattice; low activation energy process; interstitial diffusants (e.g. gold in silicon) feature high diffusion coefficient.
diffusion coefficient, D  determines rate with which element moves in a given solid by diffusion; depends strongly on temperature; expressed in cm2/sec; varies between elements by orders of magnitude, e.g. in the case of diffusion in silicon diffusion coefficient for gold, Au, is in the range of 10-3 cm2/sec (fast diffusant) while for Sb is in the range of 10-17 cm2/sec.
substitutional diffusion  diffusion mechanism in which diffusant substitutes for the host atoms by displacing them from their lattice sites; high activation energy process; substitutional diffusants (e.g. all p- and n-type dopants in silicon) feature low diffusion coefficient.
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