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gettering intrinsic  gettering accomplished solely (no external physical interactions) by means of thermal treatments of the wafer applied in strictly executed sequence; forces precipitation of contaminants away from the top surface.
gettering  process which moves contaminants and/or defects in semiconductor into its bulk and away from its top surface and traps them there; creates "denuded zone" at the top surface.

Reference: See more on gettering
gettering extrinsic  semiconductor wafer is exposed to external physical interactions designed to induce stress at the back surface of the wafer; during subsequent anneal defects and/or contaminants will be moving preferentially toward the stressed region, and hence, away from the top surface of the wafer; "denuded zone" is formed at the top surface.
oxygen in silicon  oxygen finds its way into silicon during Czochralski (CZ) single-crystal growth process; in moderate concentration (below 1017 cm3) oxygen improves mechanical properties of a silicon wafer; excess oxygen may precipitate in silicon forming electrically active centers.
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