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gallium arsenide, GaAs  III-V compound semiconductor, after silicon second the most common semiconductor, energy gap Eg = 1.43 eV, direct; crystal structure - zinc blend, lattice constant 0.565 nm, index of refraction 3.3, density 5.32 g/cm3, dielectric constant 12.9, intrinsic carrier concentration 2.1 x 106 cm-3, mobility of electrons and holes at 300 K - 8500 and 400 cm2/V-s, thermal conductivity 0.46 W/cm-oC, thermal expansion coefficient 6.86 x 10-6 1/oC; thermally unstable above 600 oC due to As evaporation; does not form sufficient quality native oxide; mechanically fragile; due to direct bandgap commonly used to fabricate light emitting devices; also foundation of the variety of high-speed electronic devices; bandgap can be readily engineered by forming ternary compounds based on GaAs, e.g. AlGaAs.
AIII-BV, III-V, semiconductors  III-V semiconductors are synthesized using elements from 3rd and 5th group of periodic table; e.g. GaAs, GaP, GaN, GaAlAs, InP, InSb, etc.

Reference: SemiconductorPeriodicTable
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