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flash memory  a nonvolatile memory; an EEPROM (it can be electrically erased and reprogrammed) with ability to block erasure of stored information (data); stores information in an array of floating-gate transistors; due to high density, low cost, and high speed (to read) is commonly used in USB memory sticks, memory cards, etc., in contrast to other memory types commonly identified by acronyms, a name "flash" reflects operation of this particular memory cell.
EEPROM  Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory ; also known as E2PROM; a memory cell in which information (data) can be erased and replaced with new information (data) by the application of an electric pulse.
non-volatile memory  information stored is maintained after the power supply is turned off.
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This book gives a complete account of semiconductor engineering covering semiconductor properties, semiconductor materials, semiconductor devices and their uses, process technology, fabrication processes, and semiconductor materials and process characterization.

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