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filament evaporation  thermal evaporation; source material is attached to the filament (refractory metal) and melted by high current flowing through the filament; alternative approach is to use a "boat" made out of refractory metal which contains material to be evaporated; current sufficient to melt a source material is passed through the boat.
electron beam (e-beam) evaporation  material is evaporated as a result of highly localized heating by bombardment with high energy electrons generated in an electron gun and directed toward the surface of source material confined in the crucible; evaporated material is very pure; bombardment of metal with electrons is accompanied by generation of low intensity X-rays which may create defects in the oxide present on the surface of the substrate; typically, an anneal is needed to eliminate those defects.
evaporation  common technique used to deposit thin film materials; material to be deposited is heated in vacuum, 10-6 Torr - 10-7 Torr range, until it melts and starts evaporating; vapor of material is condensing on the cooler substrate exposed to the vapor; common technique in thin film metal deposition; not suitable for high melting point materials; one of the PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) methods of thin film formation.
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