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elemental semiconductor  single element semiconductor; element from the group IV of periodic table: Si, Ge, C, Sn.
AIII-BV, III-V, semiconductors  III-V semiconductors are synthesized using elements from 3rd and 5th group of periodic table; e.g. GaAs, GaP, GaN, GaAlAs, InP, InSb, etc.

Reference: SemiconductorPeriodicTable
AII-BVI, II-VI, semiconductors  II-VI semiconductors are synthesized using elements from 2nd and 6th group of periodic table;e.g., CdSe, CdTe, CdHgTe, ZnS.

Reference: SemiconductorPeriodicTable
compound semiconductor  semiconductor formed using two or more elements; compound semiconductors do not appear in nature; they are synthesized using elements from groups II through VI of the periodic table, e.g. from group III and V (III-V compounds) or II and VI (II-VI compounds).
organic semiconductor  a class of solids displaying semiconductor properties based entirely on organic components; low-cost semiconductors formed as a thin film on any substrate (including flexible substrates); maintain fundamental characteristics even when significantly bent; by nature much more resistive (in the range of 1014 ohm-cm, i.e. almost insulators) than inorganic semiconductors; two key types of o.s.: (i)small-molecule o.s. and (ii)long-chain polymeric o.s.; o.s. have a potential of expanding applications of semiconductors into new areas, particularly in display technology (flexible displays).

Reference: See Semiconductor Notes for more information
AIV-BIV, IV-IV, semiconductors  in IV-IV semiconductors both elements are from the 4th group of periodic table (e.g. SiC, SiGe).

Reference: SemiconductorPeriodicTable
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