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electron effective mass,  a parameter specific to a given semiconductor material; determines the effect of an external force on the motion of electron in the conduction band of the crystal.
conduction band  the upper energy band in semiconductor separated by the energy gap (bandgap)from the valance band; c.b. is not completely filled with electrons, hence, electrons can conduct in the conduction band.
electron  negatively charged particle in an atom; carrier of smallest (elemental) electric charge of 1.60X10-19 C; carrier of negative charge in semiconductors.
effective mass  effective mass of electrons and holes in semiconductor is defined taking into account forces exerted on the carriers by the atoms in the given crystal; different in different semiconductors, hence, mobility of charge carriers is different in different semiconductors.
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This book gives a complete account of semiconductor engineering covering semiconductor properties, semiconductor materials, semiconductor devices and their uses, process technology, fabrication processes, and semiconductor materials and process characterization.

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