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contact printing  photolithographic process in which during illumination mask and a wafer are in physical contact; allows resolution below 1 micrometer depending on the wavelength of radiation but may cause mask damage; in advanced microelectronic manufacturing replaced with projection printing (steppers).
full field  full field exposure; exposure of the entire wafer during photolithographic processes through properly designed mask; used in contact and projection printing; as opposed to step-and-repeat exposure process used in steppers.
projection printing  exposure technique used in photolithography in which mask (reticle) image is projected on the surface of the wafer through the complex system of image correcting lenses (think of an old fashion slide projector in which slide is the mask and screen is a surface of the wafer); assures the highest resolution among all exposure methods; implemented using steppers in which resist on the surface of the wafer is exposed step-by-step (step and repeat process) as opposed to full-field exposure in which the entire wafer is exposed in one shot.

Reference: See Semiconductor Notes for more information
proximity printing  exposure techniques used in photolithography in which during exposure mask is not in contact with resist (is separated from the wafer surface by some 20 m); mask damage is less likely than during contact printing, but resolution of pattern transfer is limited to about 2 m.
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