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conductivity  reciprocal of resistivity; unit S (Siemens) = 1/ohm; measure of semiconductor's ability to conduct current; depends on dopant concentration and mobility of charge carriers.
electron mobility  measure of electron scattering in semiconductor; proportionality factor between electron drift velocity and electric field as well as between carrier concentration and conductivity of semiconductor; unit cm2/V s; the same way as effective mass of an electron, electron mobility is different for different semiconductors; electron mobility at 300 K for three key semiconductors: Si -1500 cm2/V s, GaAs -7500 cm2/V s, 6H-SiC -400 cm2/V s; higher mobility of charge carriers makes semiconductor better suited for high speed applications.
hole mobility  parameter which is a measure of hole scattering in a semiconductor; proportionality factor between hole drift velocity and electric field as well as conductivity and hole concentration in semiconductor; due to its higher effective mass, hole mobility is typically significantly lower than electron mobility.
resistivity  resistance per unit area and unit length; expressed in ohm-cm; the reciprocal of conductivity.
Term (Index) Definition
thermal conductivity  (unit: W/cmK) Si - 1.48, GaAs - 0.46, 6HSiC - 4.9; measure of the solid ability to conduct heat; in semiconductor devices higher the thermal conductivity of the substrate material the better (higher efficiency of the removal of heat dissipated into substrate during device operation).
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