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bipolar transistor, BJT  Bipolar Junction Transistor; a transistor consisting of three semiconductor regions (emitter, base, and collector) with alternating conductivity type (i.e. n-p-n or p-n-p); current flow comprises both majority and minority carriers (hence, "bipolar"), is controlled by vertical dimensions; current controlled device; key transistor structure in semiconductor electronics.
base  region in bipolar transistor sandwiched between emitter and collector; typically n-type so that highly mobile electrons act as minority carriers in the base; should be very thin to allow rapid transfer of minority carriers from emitter to collector; electric field is created in the base by nonuniform doping to accelerate minority carriers moving from emitter to collector.
collector  region in bipolar transistor collecting carriers from the base; should be lightly doped to assure proper transistor operation.
emitter  very high conductivity region in semiconductor devices acting as a source of free majority carriers typically injected into the adjacent region (for instance into base in the bipolar transistor)
HBT  Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor; very high-performance transistor structure; unlike conventional bipolar transistor built using more than one semiconductor material, hence "heterojunction"; takes advantage of different bandgap of semiconductors used to form emitter, base and collector; e.g. n-AlGaAs/p-GaAs/n-GaAs, or SiGe in combination with Si; formed using high precision epitaxy such as MBE or MOCVD.
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