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Term (Index) Definition
RCA  name of the company, but also term commonly referring to a specific wet cleaning recipe introduced by RCA in early '70; variations of basic RCA wafer cleaning sequence are successfully used until today.
wet cleaning  process of contaminants removal from the wafer surface in the liquid-phase; prevailing cleaning method in semiconductor manufacturing; wet cleaning chemistries are selected to form soluble compounds of surface contaminants; often enhanced by megasonic agitation; always followed by deionized water rinse and dry cycle.

Reference: Akrion, Inc.
Term (Index) Definition
RCA-1, RCA1, RCA 1  wafer cleaning solution; same as APM and SC1
APM  Ammonia hydroxide-hydrogen Peroxide-water Mixture; typically 0.25:1:5; same as SC1 and RCA-1; cleaning solution used primarily to remove particles from the surface; also capable of removing surface organics; strong solutions can etch/roughen silicon surface; forms chemical oxide (hydrophylic surface)on Si surface; applied at temperature between 40 oC and 70 oC; typically combined with megasonic agitation.
SC-1, SC1, SC 1  "standard clean" 1; see APM
Term (Index) Definition
RCA-2, RCA2, RCA 2  wafer cleaning solution; same as HPM and SC2
HPM  hydrochloric acid-hydrogen peroxide-water mixture typically 1:1:5; same as SC2 and RCA2; cleaning solution used primarily to remove metallic contaminants; gradually replaced with alternative recipes such as those involving very weak solutions of HF:HCl in water.
SC-2, SC2, SC 2  "standard clean" 2; see HPM
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