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Deal - Grove model  a model describing kinetics of thermal oxidation of silicon based on chemical reaction between silicon and oxidizing species; most accurate for oxides thicker than about 30 nm; of limited use for oxide thinner than about 10 nm; assumes surface reaction controlled oxide growth in early stage of oxidation (linear regime) and controlled by diffusion of oxidizing species through the oxide during extended oxidation (parabolic regime); one among the best established models in silicon processing.
oxidation constants  coefficients used in calculations of oxide thickness in thermal oxidation of silicon; Deal-Grove model; defined for a given temperature of oxidation, oxidizing ambient, and surface orientation; take into account mass transfer in the gas-phase, diffusivity of oxidant in the oxide and the rate of surface reaction.
oxidation kinetics  term typically refers to the kinetics of thermal oxidation of silicon; see Deal-Grove model.
thermal oxidation, thermal oxide  growth of native oxide of the solid through oxidation of solid's surface at elevated temperature; results from chemical reaction of host atoms with oxygen containing ambient; thermal oxidation of silicon results in a very high quality silicon dioxide, SiO2, formed on the silicon surface; most other semiconductors do not form device quality thermal oxide, hence, term "thermal oxidation" is almost synonymous with "thermal oxidation of silicon".

Reference: Thermal oxidation of silicon.
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