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DHF  dilute HF; SiO2 etching solution of 49% HF in water; typical mixture: 1 part HF : 100 parts H2O.
etching, etch  subtractive process in the course of which a solid is either dissolved in liquid chemicals (wet etching) or converted into gaseous compound (dry etching); one among key processes in semiconductor manufacturing.
wet bench  typically fully automatic process tool used to carry out wet cleaning and etching operations in semiconductor processing; commonly includes several tanks each containing either cleaning/etching solution or deionized rinsing water in which wafers are immersed in predetermined sequence; typically includes also drying module.

Reference: Akrion, Inc. SemiOneSource,Notes
oxide  product (in most cases a solid) of oxygen reaction with a given element; in Si processing term typically associated with SiO2.
hydrogen termination  broken silicon bonds on the surface are saturated with hydrogen; Si-H is a stable bond preventing oxidation of silicon at room temperature.
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