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Charge Coupled Device, CCD  imaging device based on an array of silicon MOS capacitors; by exploiting sensitivity of charge distribution in the space charge region of MOS capacitor to illumination, CCDs convert optical signal into electrical signal by sequentially moving packets of charges from capacitor to capacitor; commonly used as an imaging device in state-of-the-art video equipment; manufactured in very densely packed arrays in numbers per chip defining number of "pixels".
MOS, Metal Oxide Semiconductor  Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor; three-layer structure (typically M-SiO2-Si)in which concentration of charge carriers in semiconductor's sub-surface region is controlled by potential applied to metal contact or in other words by a field effect; MOS gate can invert sub-surface region of its semiconductor; it works only if no excessive leakage current flows across the oxide; core of the MOS Field Effect Transistors, and hence, CMOS. Also, imaging Charge Coupled Devices (CCD) are based on MOS capacitor structure.
space charge region  region in semiconductor in which, due to the electric field present, there is no free charge carriers; result of the non-uniformity of potential distribution across semiconductor; e.g. potential barrier at the surface.
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