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CVD, Chemical Vapor Deposition  Chemical Vapor Deposition is the most common thin film deposition method in advanced semiconductor manufacturing; deposited species are formed as a results of chemical reaction between gaseous reactants at elevated temperature in the vicinity of the substrate; solid product of the reaction is deposited on the surface of the substrate; used to deposit films of semiconductors (crystalline and non-crystalline), insulators as well as metals; variations of CVD processes include Atmospheric Pressure CVD (APCVD), Low Pressure CVD (LPCVD)and Plasma Enhanced CVD (EPCVD), Metal-Organic CVD (MOCVD) and others.
Atmospheric Pressure CVD, APCVD  process of chemical vapor deposition carried out at atmospheric pressure; typically results in the inferior film quality and conformality of coating as compared to Low Pressure CVD (LPCVD).
LPCVD  Low Pressure CVD; chemical vapor deposition process carried out at reduced pressure; improves conformality of coating and purity of the films as compared to atmospheric pressure CVD (APCVD).
MOCVD  Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition; CVD process which uses metal-organic compounds as source materials; metal-organics thermally decompose at temperatures lower than other metal containing compounds; method often used in epitaxial growth of very thin films of III-V semiconductors.
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