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Academia - Penn State

Penn State University

College of Engineering
Penn State's College of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering

EE - Graduate Program
Electrical Engineering graduate program.

Materials Research Institute coordinates, supports and performs materials research at Penn State University.

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory,

One of the groups involved in semiconductor research.


Semiconductor Glossary
Glossary of over 1,300 semiconductor related terms.

Semiconductor Notes
One-page reviews of semiconductor topics.

Semiconductor Hall of Fame
Key contributors to semiconductor science and engineering.

Semiconductor blog
Join semiconductor blogging...

Semiconductor Subway
Links to semiconductor related resources and information.

Useful Directory
Over 1,000 links to semiconductor related sites.

Basics of Semiconductors
Basics of semiconductors from Walter Schottky Institute

Interested in nanotechnology? Check this site out.

Nick Holonyak's story
Must reading for semiconductor buffs: Nick Holonyak, Electrical Engineer, an oral history conducted in 1993 by Frederik Nebeker.

“Principles of Semiconductor Devices” by B. Van Zeghbroeck
A complete text covering what title says.

New semiconductor Materials
Characteristics and properties of various new semiconductor materials.

How to make a chip?
One more illustration of the semiconductor process flow.

Next Generation Transistors
New transistors for 2005 and beyond.

Semiconductor fabrication
Instruction to fabrication of semiconductor electronics.

GaAsDevice Manufacturing
Illustration and description of steps in manufacturing of gallium arsenide (GaAs)devices.

The Dawn of Organic Electronics
Flexible full-color displays, circuits on plastic and more...

Basics of Organic Semiconductors
Learn what makes some organic molecules to display semiconductor properties.

Organic Semiconductors
More about organic semiconductors

CMOS Gates Demonstration
How CMOS transistors and basic gates work.

Post - CMOS Devices
Look into the future.

SIlicon Carbide
What is silicon carbide?

Much About Semiconductors
Go there and browse. You will find much info on semiconductors.

History of transistor
From vacuum tube triode to an integrated circuit...

Semiconductor manufacturing - bits and pieces
Few insights into semiconductor manufacturing....

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
Quick illustration of the semiconductor process flow.

Simple explanation of various concepts.

Information on nanotubes based on carbon and other materials.

Semiconductor Materials and Processes
Useful information on semiconductor materials, processes, ....

Semiconductor Processor
See U.S. Department of Labor definition of "Semiconductor Processor" job.

The free encyclopedia contains much very useful information on semicodncutors.

Semiconductor Applet Service
Educational applets in solid-state materials, semiconductors, devices, and simple circuits.

Semiconductor Jobs
Work opportunities in semiconductor industry.

Ion Implantation Animation
Demonstration of the principles of ion implantation.

ECS Cleaning Symposium 2007
See Call for Papers

45 nm Transistor
See the most advanced transistor technology in the world.

Semiconductor Crossword Puzzle
Check your semiconductor savvy

History of invention of transistor
Much can be learned from this site about the invention of transistor.

Illustration of the CMOS process
Ppt. presentation of the step-by-step CMOS process

Knowledge On Demand - a resource for technology training.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The Electrochemical Society

Materials Research Society

Semiconductor Materials and Equipment International

International SEMATECH

NIST - Semiconductor Electronics
National Institute of Science and Technology, Semiconductor Electronics Division.

Semiconductor Research Corporation

International Society for Optical Engineering

American Vacuum Society

Fabless Semiconductor Association

Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Professional Association.

Semiconductor Safety Association
All about safety.

World Semiconductor Council
Worldwide cooperation in semiconductors.

Global Semiconductor Alliance


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