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Sunday, June 6, 2021

#471 Wafer bonding

 Wafer bonding is a process which permanently bonds (fuses) two wafers into a single mechanically coherent substrate without using adhesives.  This versatile technique allows formation of semiconductor substrates which are difficult to obtain using other methods. 


fer bonding technology can solve variety of problems. For instance, not all semiconductors can be obtained as single-crystals in the size and shape compatible with wafering. With wafer bonding, pieces of such material can be bonded to larger wafer which will provide mechanical support and facilitate its during device fabrication processes.


In the process of wafer bonding two wafers featuring the same chemical com position and crystallographic structure, for instance two silicon wafers, or two single-crystal wafers of different materials featuring mismatched crystal lattices, for instance GaN and Si, can be bonded into a single substrate. Furthermore, in wafer bonding technology two wafers involved do not have to be semiconductors. Bonding wafers of silicon and sapphire, which when bonded form a silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) substrate, is an example.



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