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Sunday, April 19, 2020

#428 Semiconductor clean-rooms, virus protection, cleaning, cont.

Semiconductor clean-room apparel in general, including disposable and sterile clean-room garments, hoods, respirators, masks, gloves, shoes,  etc.,etc. are serving one purpose which is to protect pristinely clean environment from the particles generating people working in the clean-room. In other words, the goal is to protect the environment from us.


In the case of protection against viruses it is the other way around - the goal is to protect us against the contaminated environment. But the tools and means are exactly the same in these two cases.


Another example of semiconductor technology setting a tone for various virus-protection solutions is concerned with aggressively recently pursued use of UV light to clean surfaces and objects we touch in our daily lives. In semiconductor processing UV treatments of solid surfaces were explored (specifically for the purpose of organic contaminants removal) already over thirty years ago. See for instance this research paper: J. Ruzyllo, G, Duranko, and A, Hoff, "Pre-Oxidation UV Treatments of Silicon Wafers", Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 134. p. 2052 (1987).


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