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Sunday, March 8, 2020

#424 Thin-films

Thin-films are at the core of any semiconductor material systems in which properties of surfaces and interfaces discussed earlier are coming to play. There is a strong correlation between the thickness of any solid, including semiconductors, and its electronic properties. While gradually confining geometry of a solid from the three-dimensional bulk realm to the two-dimensional configuration, basic physical characteristics of material are changing. The changes will occur according to the laws of classical physics up to the point where at the extreme geometrical confinement quantum phenomena take over control of the behavior of electrons which are now subject to the laws of quantum physics.


So, how the concept of the “thin-film” can be defined? Considering resistivity of semiconductor for instance, it displays bulk characteristics as long as continued reduction of its thickness do not alter electrons motion in any of the three directions. At certain thickness, however, resistivity starts increasing as the increasing scattering of strongly 2D confined electrons alters the flow of electrons. This is a point at which material no longer displays bulk properties and assumes properties of a thin-film.  


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