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Sunday, February 16, 2020

#422 Interface

Interfaces are the integral part of any material system comprised of two and more materials in which they typically play the role which defines characteristics of the entire system. As in the case of the surfaces (see previous blog), the effect of an interface between two materials expands into the adjacent regions. An interface is essentially a transition region featuring finite thickness that is needed to allow structural transition between two materials featuring different structure and/or chemical transition between two materials featuring different chemical composition. In either case, interface represents a discontinuity of electrical, optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of the material system.



From the point of view crystal structure interface is basically a planar defect severely disrupting integrity of the material system, and hence, altering its characteristics. And by the way, the impact of interface on semiconductor device performance manifest itself differently depending onwhether device current is flowing parallel to the interface or across the interface


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