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Sunday, January 19, 2020

#419 Thirty years ago

The idea of going back in time to check on what was going on in various engineering domains in the past is not new. As an example, sometime ago IEEE Spectrum published several articles in the series entitled Thirty Years Ago which were analyzing developments in electrical engineering and electronics three decades earlier.  

Look for the future entries on this blog site that will follow the same idea, except that they will be focusing specifically on semiconductors science and engineering. Various   trends emerging thirty years earlier will be identified based on the research papers published in the IEEE and the Electrochemical Society journals.


As you will see, it is good to look back in time to remind ourselves that in semiconductor science and engineering, just like in all other areas of engineering sciences, things do not happen overnight and that most of what’s being perceived as new and current is deeply rooted in the work done many years ago.



Posted by Jerzy Ruzyllo at 01:06 PM | Semiconductors | Link is the personal blog of Jerzy Ruzyllo. With over 35 years of experience in academic research and teaching in the area of semiconductor engineering (currently holding position of a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University), he has a unique perspective on the developments in this progress driving technical domain and enjoys blogging about it.

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