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Sunday, December 15, 2019

#417 Defects rule

Considering complexity of the crystal structure of semiconductors (see previous blog),  assumption that they consist of the perfectly periodic three-dimensional arrays of elemental cells, each featuring identical arrangement of atoms over the large volumes of the crystal, is mostly unrealistic.  Real crystals usually contain structural imperfections referred to as defects.  High density of structural defects in semiconductor crystal will prevent its use in the manufacture of high-performance devices because any departures from the lattice periodicity have an adverse effect on electrical characteristics of material, and hence, on the performance of semiconductors devices. 


Engineering of the crystals towards minimization of the density of structural defects is a major objective in the processing of single-crystal materials used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. This is because in the case of high-density of structural defects in the single-crystal semiconductor, the adverse effect of defects will dominate over the intrinsic physical properties of the crystal.


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