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Sunday, September 22, 2019

#411 More than wearable: implantable

Responding to the needs of portability, mobility, and on-the-go accessibility, permanent or temporary integration of ultra-light and ultra-low power, high-end semiconductor-based electronic and photonic devices and systems with our bodies and clothes we are wearing continues to expand. It goes beyond what we can carry in our pockets (smartphones, notebooks, etc.) and is concerned with instrumentation that is actually integrated with our clothes or attached to our body for the purposes of interacting with our bodies.


Going even further, there is a class of implantable devices based on semiconductor electronics which are installed in our bodies for the purpose of monitoring and/or stimulating certain vital bodily functions. Among the range of implantable electronic devices, the cardiac pacemakers and hearing aids in the form of inner ear implants are the common examples. The trend is bound to continue which means that in the future we will carry more and more semiconductors implanted in our bodies.

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