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Sunday, April 14, 2019

#403 Image sensing relies entirely on semiconductors

The image sensing devices are designed to capture light representing image and to convert it into electrical signal. The image sensors are at the core of any imaging device such as digital still cameras, digital video cameras, mobile devices, medical, surveillance, scientific, and broadcast instrumentation and many others we rely on so heavily in our daily lives.


The message here is that the image sensing devices are operating based on the physical properties of semiconductors and are manufactured using semiconductor materials. As a result, imaging devices constitute an important segment of commercial semiconductor technology. Two the most important types of semiconductor imaging devices are both based on the physical properties of the MOS (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) structure. First, involves CCD (Charge Coupled Devices) image sensors. Second, CMOS (Complementary MOS) image sensors. Quite interestingly this is fundamentally the same MOS structure upon which logic cells constituting all important digital integrated circuits are constructed. Equally interesting is the fact that the silicon is a semiconductor material used to fabricate both types of devices.

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