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Sunday, February 18, 2018

#384 Potential barrier at M-S contact

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An alternative to p-n junction way of potential barrier formation is by bringing into contact semiconductor and metal featuring different work functions and to form the metal-semiconductor contact also known as Schottky contact (after German physicist Walter Schottky, 1886 -1976). In this case difference in work functions of materials in contact alters potential distribution across the junction which results in formation of a potential barrier. 


Similarly to p-n junction, a reverse bias voltage applied to the Schottky junction increases height of the potential barrier and prevents the flow of majority carriers from semiconductor to metal.  A forward bias, lowers the potential barrier at the contact  and allows large current to flow from semiconductor to metal. Similarly to  p-n junction, the result is a non-symmetrical, rectifying current-voltage characteristic making metal-semiconductor contact a diode known as Schottky diode.

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