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Sunday, November 5, 2017

#377 Moore's law is slowing down, but...

Speaking of trends in advanced semiconductor technology, a mother of all trends, namely Moor's law is no longer working like a clockwork it used to be for the last 50+ years. It is actually slowing down which means changes in advanced IC engineering are introduced at the rate slower than  predicted by Moor's law. 


What is really interesting, however, is that this process does not necessarily applies across all product lines. What may look like a slow down, or even Moore's law coming to the halt soon, in the world of chips for supercomputers and servers, does not necessarily apply to the world of chips for mobile communication devices.  Click here to get to the story which explains dynamics of the Moor's law slow down in more details.

Posted by Jerzy Ruzyllo at 03:20 PM | Semiconductors | Link is the personal blog of Jerzy Ruzyllo. With over 35 years of experience in academic research and teaching in the area of semiconductor engineering (currently holding position of a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University), he has a unique perspective on the developments in this progress driving technical domain and enjoys blogging about it.

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