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Sunday, November 6, 2016

#354 More on geometrical considerations

Considered in the previous entry nano-confinement is an extreme case of sample's geometry effect on the physical properties of the material. Extreme because at the atomic level confinement quantum phenomena take over control of the behavior of electrons which are now subject to the laws of quantum physics rather than laws of classical physic describing behavior of electrons in the geometrically relaxed solid.


The effect of nano-confinemet and transition to the quantum domain should not let us forget about the case when reduction of material geometry is causing changes of its electronic properties while still subject to the laws of classical physics. For instance, while reducing thickness of semiconductor material, point is being reached at which its electrical resistivity rapidly increases and its bulk properties are no longer defining behaior of electrons.


Exact number defining thickness below which thin-film rather than bulk properties define characteristics of material cannot be given because transition from the bulk to thin-film properties domain occurs at the different thicknesses for different materials and in addition depends on crystallographic structure of material, its chemical composition and others.


In the practical semiconductor devices bulk properties of material rarely come to play when defining device characteristics. It is mostly either thin-films comprising device or the part of the material which is immediately adjacent to the surface that control device operation and characteristics.

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