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Sunday, July 13, 2014

#296 Alternative PLD techniques

Following on comments in blog #293 let me point out that the technology of thin-film formation using liquid precursors expands rapidly in semiconductor device fabrication. It is no longer primarily photoresist deposition. Consider organic polymer semiconductors,  colloidal solutions containing nanodots, nanowires or nanotubes, low-k interlayer dielectrics, etc.


Responding to those emerging needs the arsenal of physical layer deposition techniques also grows well beyond the best established spin-on deposition. Printing, including ink-jet-like printing and nanoprinting, micro-spray and mist deposition (see next blog for more on this one) are finding their way into semiconductor manufacturing where a rigid, circular wafer is no longer the only type of the substrate (think very large area substrates, flexible sheets and ribbons substrates, roll-to-roll processing, etc.)


Posted by Jerzy Ruzyllo at 01:17 PM | Semiconductors | Link is the personal blog of Jerzy Ruzyllo. With over 35 years of experience in academic research and teaching in the area of semiconductor engineering (currently holding position of a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University), he has a unique perspective on the developments in this progress driving technical domain and enjoys blogging about it.

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