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Sunday, May 4, 2014

#287 Conclusion from last five blogs

When I did comment some six weeks ago in the post #281 on the special role hydrogen is playing  in interactions with silicon, I didn't plan on the follow up five posts which discuss interactions of silicon with other elements. Well, it did happen somehow and I am glad it did because this little series of blogs sheds some light  on complex and multifaceted  interactions of silicon with the components of process ambient.


All of this is just a proverbial tip of the iceberg as all that concerns silicon with regard to its interactions with ambient is only partially or not at all applicable to other semiconductor used in the manufacture of commercial devices. Let's consider GaN, a key semiconductor in the fabrication of LEDs for lighting applications, for instance. While the effect of hydrogen in deactivation of p-type dopants (Mg in this case) is similar to silicon,  interactions of GaN with oxygen are very different in nature than those with Si. This is because with silicon oxygen reacts forming native oxide SiO2, in GaN case oxygen acts as n-type dopant substitutionally located in GaN lattice.


So, what is the message here? The message is that because of the multiplicity of semiconductor materials used these days to fabricate commercial device, each needs to be consider individually in terms of its interaction with an ambient. Otherwise, our ability to control processes would be severely compromised.

Posted by Jerzy Ruzyllo at 08:42 PM | Semiconductors | Link is the personal blog of Jerzy Ruzyllo. With over 35 years of experience in academic research and teaching in the area of semiconductor engineering (currently holding position of a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University), he has a unique perspective on the developments in this progress driving technical domain and enjoys blogging about it.

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