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Sunday, January 19, 2014

#273 Problems with doping, cont.

Following on my previous comments regarding semiconductor doping, let me be more specific regarding problems with selective, i.e. localized, doping.


Consider, for example, wide-bandgap semiconductors. Diamond, which in theory is the best semiconductor around, is inherently p-type and cannot be readily converted into n-type. In contrast, in silicon carbide, SiC, p-type regions are very difficult to form as neither diffusion nor ion  implantation is effective.  In the former case it is because of extremely low diffusion coefficients of possible p-type dopants such Al  in SiC while in the latter extremely high temperature needed to activate dopants (1500 deg. C and above) is the lim itation. Did you notice that commercial SiC power diodes are based primarily on metal-semiconductor (Schottky) diode and not a p-n junction? Then, there is gallium nitride, GaN, in which n-type doping is simple, but p-type doping is very complicated. 


In general, selective doping of compound semiconductors is a challenge. Hence, when it comes to alterations of the conductivity type/doping level while building III-V electronic or photonic devices the task is typically accomplished by in situ doping during growth of the material rather than by implantation or diffusion into the material already formed.

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