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Term (Index) Definition
redistribution  term typically refers to possible undesired changes of dopant distribution in various parts of the device structure during high-temperature treatments applied, for various reasons, after dopant atoms have been introduced
Term (Index) Definition
dopant redistribution  term typically refers to possible undesired changes in dopant profile during high-temeperature treatments applied, for various reasons, after dopant atoms have been introduced; in the case dopant redistribution is not desired only low thermal budget thermal treatments should be used.
RTA  Rapid Thermal Annealing; annealing process carried out for a very short time; typically performed for the purpose of improving properties of materials and/or device structures.
thermal budget  term defines total amount of thermal energy transferred to the wafer during the given elevated temperature operation; proportional to temperature and duration of the process; low thermal budget is desired in ultra-small IC manufacturing to prevent dopant redistribution; low thermal budget is possible even at a very high temperature if time of the process is very short (can be as short as few seconds); RTP.
limited-source diffusion  also known as drive-in; concentration of diffusant (dopant) on the surface decreases during the diffusion process, i.e. while some dopant atoms diffuse into the substrate no new dopant atoms are supplied to the surface of the wafer.
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