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post-CMOS  term refers to the new generation of devices that will perform digital functions after further scaling of CMOS won't be possible due to insurmountable physical barriers; e.g. EOT of gate oxide will have to be reduced to zero.

Reference: See what after CMOS?
CMOS  Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor structure; consists of N-channel and P-channel MOS transistors; due to very low power consumption and dissipation as well minimization of the current in "off" state CMOS is a very effective device configuration for implementation of digital functions; CMOS is a key device in state-of-the-art silicon microelectronics.
EOT, equivalent oxide thickness  a number used to compare performance of high-k dielectric MOS gates with performance of SiO2 based MOS gates; shows thickness of SiO2 gate oxide needed to obtain the same gate capacitance as the one obtained with thicker than SiO2 dielectric featuring higher dielectric constant k; e.g. EOT of 1 nm would result from the use a 10 nm thick dielectric featuring k=39 (k of SiO2 is 3.9)
scaling rules  design rules which must be followed while scaling down geometry of integrated devices and interconnect lines; arbitrary reduction of key geometries, e.g. channel length in MOSFETs, may results in dysfunctional devices, e.g. short-channel effects in MOSFET.
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