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photoresist  photo-sensitive material used in photolithography to transfer pattern from the mask onto the wafer; a liquid deposited on the surface of the wafer as a thin film then solidified by low temperature anneal; in the areas in which photoresist can be reached by UV radiation photochemical reactions change its properties, specifically, solubility in the developer; two types of photoresist: positive and negative.
negative resist  resist which is initially soluble in the developer but becomes insoluble after irradiation; cross-linking between polymeric chains take place during irradiation; features lower resolution than positive resist but is more sensitive.
photolithography, optical lithography  pattern definition method which uses UV radiation to expose the resist; the most common lithography technique in semiconductor manufacturing; using extremely short wavelength UV (extreme UV; wavelenghts below 200 nm), projection printing (steppers), phase shift masks, and adequate resist technology photolithography is capable of resolution below 100 nm.
positive resist  resist which is initially insoluble in the developer and becomes soluble as a result of irradiation; chain scission takes place in the resist structure during irradiation; allows higher resolution than negative resist but is less sensitive.
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DQN photoresist  two component photoresist: diazoquinone (DQ - photosensitive component) and novolac (N - resin; not sensitive enough for < 300 nm exposure wavelength; common with g-line (436 nm) and i-line (365 nm) exposure tools.
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