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UV, ultraviolet  radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum featuring wavelength in the range from about 150 nm to about 400 nm (corresponding energy in the range from about 8.2 eV to about 3.1 eV); carries enough energy to stimulate photochemical reactions in solids and/or gases in semiconductor processing.
photolithography, optical lithography  pattern definition method which uses UV radiation to expose the resist; the most common lithography technique in semiconductor manufacturing; using extremely short wavelength UV (extreme UV; wavelenghts below 200 nm), projection printing (steppers), phase shift masks, and adequate resist technology photolithography is capable of resolution below 100 nm.
UV cleaning  dry cleaning process stimulated by UV radiation; e.g. volatilization of organic contaminants by UV/ozone exposure.
UV/ozone  dry cleaning process used to remove organic contaminants from the surfaces of solids such as semiconductor wafers and masks; UV rradiation in the ambient containing oxygen generates ozone which is a very strong oxidizing agent; spectrum of UV light used should contain 185 nm and 254 nm wavelengths.
Photo-CVD  CVD process in which generation of active reactants is accomplished by photolysis, i.e. by decomposition of gaseous compounds by high energy radiation, typically UV.
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