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LPD  Light Point Defect; surface defect revealed on the illuminated surface due to the light scattering.
Term (Index) Definition
Liquid Physical Depostion, LPD  Thin-film deposition methods using liquid precursors, e.g. spin deposition, mist deposition, micro-spray, inkjet printing...
mist deposition  deposition technique in which liquid precursor is delivered to the substrate in the form of a very fine mist (submicron droplets); in semiconductor manufacturing used to deposit very thin photoresist films and dielectrics; very useful in those applications in which spin-on process cannot be used, e.g. depositions on very large and/or heavy substrates.

Reference: Primaxx, Inc.
spin-on deposition, spin coating  process used to coat the wafer with material which is originally in the liquid form; liquid is dispensed onto the wafer surface in predetermined amount and the wafer is rapidly rotated (up to 6000 rpm; during spinning liquid is uniformly distributed on the surface by centrifugal forces; material is then solidified by low temperature (typically <200 oC) bake; in semiconductor processing commonly used to apply photoresist.
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