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a , lattice constant    AAS    abrupt junction,   
absorption    absorption coefficient    acceptor   
access time    accumulation    activation energy   
active Si layer    ADC    adhesion   
adhesion promoter    adsorption    aerosol cleaning,   
AFM    afterglow plasma    AII-BVI, II-VI, semiconductors   
AIII-BV, III-V, semiconductors    AIV-BIV, IV-IV, semiconductors    ALCVD   
AlGaAs    aligner    alignment   
alignment mark    alloyed junction    alternative dielectrics   
aluminum oxide, alumina, Al2O3    aluminum, conductor, Al    aluminum, contaminant, Al   
ambipolar carrier transport    ambipolar semiconductor    AMLCD   
ammonia, NH3    ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH    AMOLED   
amorphous material    amorphous Si, a-Si    amphoteric dopant   
analog device    analog integrated circuit    angstrom, Å   
anhydrous HF, AHF    anisotropic etch    anneal   
anodic oxidation    anodization    antimony, Sb   
anti-reflective coating, ARC ®     antisite defect    APM   
ArF excimer laser    argon, Ar    Arhenius plot   
arsenic, As    arsine, AsH3    ashing   
ASIC    assembly    ATE   
Atmospheric Pressure CVD, APCVD    Atomic Layer Deposition, ALD    Atomic Layer Epitaxy, ALE   
atomic number    Auger electron    Auger Electron Spectroscopy, AES   
Auger recombination,    autodoping    avalanche breakdown   
avalanche multiplication    avalanche photodetector,   

back contact    Back End Of Line processes, BEOL    ballistic transport   
ballroom cleanroom    band offset    band-edge lineup,   
bandgap    bandgap engineering    BARITT   
barrel reactor    barrier height    barrier metal   
base    base punchthrough    base punch-through   
base pushout    base transport factor    base width   
basic oxidation,    batch process    batch reactor   
BBUL packaging    BCCD    beam   
BGA    BHF    bias-temperature stress   
biaxial strain,    BiCMOS    binary semiconductor   
bipolar device    bipolar transistor, BJT    bird beak   
bit    BITS    blank   
BNDC    boat    Body-Centered Cubic, (BCC) cell   
Boltzmann constant, k    Boltzmann statistics ,    Boltzmann transport equation   
bonded SOI    boron    boron penetration   
bottom antireflective coating, BARC    bottom-up processing    boundary layer   
BOX    BPSG    breakdown   
breakdown field    breakdown voltage    breakdown, hard   
breakdown, soft    Bridgman growth    Brillouin zone   
BRT    brush scrubbing    BST   
BTS    buffer layer    buffered oxide etch, BEO   
bulk CMOS    bulk recombination,    buried oxide, BOX   

cadmium sulfide, CdS,    cadmium telluride, CdTe,    CAIBE   
calcium, Ca    cantilever loading    capacitance-voltage, C-V, measurements   
capping layer    capture cross-section    CAR   
carbon devices ,    Carbon Doped Oxide, CDO,    carbon nanotube   
Caro clean    carrier extraction    carrier generation   
carrier injection    CBE    CD   
CDI    CDO    CEL   
ceramic package    CERDIP    CFM   
chain scission    channel    channel length   
channel stop    channeling    Charge Coupled Device, CCD   
charge-to-breakdown, Qbd    chemical etching    chemical oxide   
chemisorption    chip    chrome mask   
CIGS    CIGS,    CIM   
class cleanroom    cleaning    cleanroom   
cleaved SOI    cluster    cluster, linear,   
cluster, radial'    CMOS    CMOS inverter   
CMP    CNFET,    CNT   
cobalt silicide, CoSi2    coldwall reactor    collector   
colloidal semiconductor,    common base configuration    common base current gain   
common base cut-off frequency    common emitter configuration    common emitter current gain   
common emitter cut-off frequency    compensated semiconductor    compound semiconductor   
computational lithography,    concentrated photovoltaics, CPV,    conduction band   
conductivity    conformal coating    constant - current stress, CCS   
constant voltage stress, CVS    constant-source diffusion    contact angle, wetting angle   
contact printing    contaminant    contamination   
contamination control    continuity equation    Contrast Enhanced Layer, CEL   
conversion efficiency,    COP    copper interconnect   
copper, Cu    cost of ownership, COO    covalent bond   
CP-4 etch    CPGA    CPU, microprocessor   
Cr, chrome    critical dimension, CD    crosslinking   
cross-talk    CRT    cryogenic aerosol   
cryogenic pump    cryosol spray    crystal   
crystal defects    crystal originated pits    crystal pulling   
cubic system    current crowding    current gain   
current-voltage, I-V, measurements    custom integrated circuit    cut-off frequency   
CVD, Chemical Vapor Deposition    Czochralski crystal growth, CZ    CZTS,   

DAC    damascene     dangling bond   
DARC ®     DBR    DCFL   
DDE    Deal - Grove model    Debye length   
dechanneling,    deep depletion    deep level   
deep UV, DUV    degenerate semiconductor    deionized water, DI water   
delta doping,    density of states function    density of states,   
denuded zone, DZ    depletion     depletion mode MOSFET   
depth of focus, DOF    depth profiling    design rules   
DESIRE    desorption    developer   
development    DFT    DHBT   
diamond    diamond lattice    DIBL   
diborane, B2H6    dicing    die   
die attachment    die separation    dielectric   
dielectric relaxation time    diffusant    diffused junction   
diffusion    diffusion coefficient, D    diffusion current   
diffusion length    diffusion pump    diffusion source   
digital device, digital integrated circuit    DIMOS    diode   
DIP    direct bandgap semiconductor    direct plasma   
direct recombination    direct tunneling    discrete device   
dislocation    dispersive medium    DLP®,   
donor    dopant    dopant activation   
dopant de-activation    dopant redistribution    dopants of Silicon   
doping    dose    double (dual) gate   
double patterning    Double-Gate Transistor    downstream plasma   
DPSSL    DQN photoresist    drain   
drain engineering    drain extension    DRAM   
DRIE    drift current    drift mobility   
drift velocity    drive in    dry cleaning   
dry etching    dry oxidation    dry oxide   
dry pump    drying    DST, Depleted Substrate Transistor   
DSW    DTMOSFET    dual damascene   
DUV resist   

Early effect    Ebd    EBDW   
Ebers - Moll model    EBIC    EBL column,   
ECL    ECR    ECR plasma   
edge dislocation,    Edge Emitting Light Emitting Diode, EELED    EEL   
EELS    EEPROM    effective mass   
EFG,    Eg    Einstein relationship   
elastic collision,    electromigration    electron   
electron affinity    electron beam (e-beam) evaporation    electron beam (e-beam) heating   
electron beam (e-beam) lithography, EBL    electron beam (e-beam) resist    electron beam, e-beam   
electron effective mass,    electron gas, 2-dimensional    electron gun   
electron mobility    Electron Projection Lithography, EPL    electron spin, spin   
electron-hole pair    electronic device    electronic grade poly Si   
electro-optic effect,    electroplating    elemental semiconductor   
elementary charge, q    elevated drain    elevated drain   
elevated source    ellipsometry    ELO   
emitter    emitter injection efficiency factor    emitter push effect   
endpoint    endpoint detection    energy gap, forbidden band, bandgap, Eg   
enhancement mode MOSFET    enhancement techniques    EOT, equivalent oxide thickness   
epitaxial lateral overgrowth, ELO    epitaxial layer    epitaxy   
epitaxy by CVD    EPR    EPROM   
ESCA    ESL    ESR (El. Spin Res.)   
ESR (Eq. Ser. Res.)    EST    ET SOI,   
etch anisotropy    etch mask    etch selectivity   
etch stop    etching, etch    EUV, extreme UV   
EUVL    evaporation    excess carriers   
excimer laser    exciton    excitonic cells,   
exposure    external, extrinsic gettering    extrinsic semiconductor   
extrusion coating   

Fabry - Perot cavity    Face-Centered Cubic, FCC, cell    faceting   
FAMOS    FD SOI,    FDFinFET,   
FDMOSFET    Fermi energy,    Fermi level   
Fermi level pinning, FLP,    Fermi potential    Fermi-Dirac distribution function   
ferroelectric crystal    ferromagnetic semiconductors,    FIB   
Fick's law, Fick    field effect    Field Effect Transistor, FET   
field oxide, FOX    filament evaporation    fill factor   
FinFET    First 45 nm transistor    fixed charge   
fixed charge    Fixed Shape Beam, FSB    flash memory   
flat-band voltage, VFB    flip chip technology    flip-chip bonding   
float-zone crystal growth, FZ    fluorescence,    fluorinated oxide   
fluorine in SiO2    fluorine, F2    fluorine, F2, excimer laser   
forbidden gap    forming gas    forward bias   
FOUP    Fourier - Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, FTIR    four-point probe   
Fowler - Nordheim tunneling, F-N    FRAM    free carrier   
Frenkel defect    Frenkel pair    Front End Of Line processes, FEOL   
FSB    FSG    FTPL   
full field    full-field camera    full-field exposure   
fully depleted SOI, FD SOI    furnace    furnace horizontal   
furnace vertical    FUSI    FWI   

g - line lithography    GAA,    GaAs-on-Si   
gadolinia,    gadolinum oxide, Gd2O3,    gallium antimonide, GaSb   
gallium arsenide, GaAs    gallium based semiconductors    gallium nitride, GaN   
gallium phosphide, GaP    gas-phase mass transfer    gate   
gate capacitance    gate contact    gate depletion,   
gate dielectric    gate injection    gate length   
gate oxidation,    gate oxide    gate self-aligned process   
gate stack    GC - MS, gas chromatography    GCA,   
generation    generation current    generation lifetime   
generation-recombination current    germanide, germanides    germanium, Ge   
gettering    gettering extrinsic    gettering intrinsic   
GILD    global strain,    glow discharge   
GOI    GOI or GeOI    gown   
gowning    graded junction    grain   
grain boundary    graphene,    Gummel-Poon model   
Gunn diode, TED    Gunn effect   

hafnium oxide, HfO2    hafnium silicate, HfSiO4    halbleiter   
Hall effect    Hall voltage,    halo implantation,   
handotai    hard bake    hard breakdown   
HB LED,    HBT    HDIS'   
HDP, High Density Plasma    HDP-CVD    heavily charged ion, HCI   
HEED    helicon plasma    HEMT   
Henry law    HEPA filter    heteroepitaxy   
hetero-integration,    heterojunction    HEXFET   
hexode etcher    HFET    HFL, HF-last   
HIGFET    high angle implantation    high current implantor   
high-frequency C-V    high-k dielectric    high-pressure Hg lamp   
HMDS    hole    hole mobility   
homoepitaxy    homojunction    homopolar bond   
hopping    horizontal furnace    hot carrier diode,   
hot electron    hot plate    hotwall reactor   
HPLP,    HPM    HREM   
hybrid clean    hybrid IC    hybrid-pi model   
hydrochloric acid, HCl    hydrofluoric acid, HF    hydrogen peroxide, H2O2   
hydrogen reduction    hydrogen termination    hydrogenated a-Si   
hydrophilic surface    hydrophobic surface   

i - line lithography    I/O, IO    I2L   
IBD    ICP    ICP MS   
ideal MOS    ideality factor    IGBT   
IGFET    ILD, Inter-Layer Dielectric    imaging resist   
IMD    IMEC clean    immersion cleaning   
immersion lithography    immersion lithography 193i,    impact ionization   
IMPATT diode    implantation damage    implantation dose   
implantation energy    implanter    in situ doping   
in situ monitoring    indirect bandgap semiconductor    indirect recombination   
indium (In) based semiconductors    inductive heating    inelastic collision,   
infrared detector    ingot    inkjet printing   
InP, indium phosphide    InSb, indium antimonide    insulator   
integrated bipolar transistor    integrated circuit, IC    integrated device   
integrated processing    interconnect    interconnect density,   
interface trap    internal emission    interstitial   
interstitial diffusion    intrinsic Fermi level    intrinsic gettering   
intrinsic semiconductor    inversion     ion   
ion beam    ion beam lithography, IBL    ion implantation   
ion milling    ion multicharged, MCI    Ion Projection Lithography, IPL   
ion reflection    ion single charge    ion sputtering, milling   
ionic bond    ionic conduction    ionization   
ionization energy    IPA drying    IPL   
IR    iron, Fe    Irvin's curves   
isolation    isopropyl alcohol, IPA    isotropic etch   

JBS    JFET    junction   
junction depth    junction, p-n   

k    Kaufman source    killer defect   
Kirk effect    KOH    KrF excimer laser   

lamp cleaning    lamp heating    Langmuir-Blodgett film,   
LASCR    laser heating    laser interferometry   
LASER, laser    latch up, latchup, latch-up    lateral diffusion   
lateral etching    lateral transistor    LATID   
lattice    lattice constant , a    lattice matched structure   
lattice mismatch    LCC    LCD   
leadframe    leak    leak detector   
leakage current    LEC    LED, Light Emitting Diode   
LEED    LER    LET,   
lifetime,    liftoff, lift-off, process    light emmiter   
lighting, semiconductor lighting,    lightly doped drain, LDD    limited-source diffusion   
line defect    Liquid Physical Depostion, LPD    lithography   
lithography, computational.    lithography, dry,    LOCOS   
logic circuit    long-range order    LOP   
low energy implantation    low pressure oxidation    low-high, l-h, junction   
low-k dielectric    low-pressure mercury (Hg) lamp    LPCVD   
LPD    LPE    LSMCD   
LSTP    LTE    LTO   

magnetic CZ, MCZ    magnetic semiconductor,    magnetically confined plasma   
magnetron    magnetron sputtering    majority carriers   
Marangoni drying    mask    mask, photolithography   
mask, X-ray lithography    masked lithography    maskless lithography,   
mass action law,    mass flow controller, MFC    mass spectroscopy   
Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution    MCP,    MCZ   
mean free path    mechanical mask    megasonic agitation, megasonic scrubbing   
megasonic cleaning    memory structure, cell    MEMS   
MEMS release    mercury probe,    MERIE   
MESA    MESC port    MESFET   
metal    metal MOS gate    metallic bond   
metallic contaminant    metallization    metallurgical junction   
metallurgical junction    metal-semiconductor contact     MFMISFET   
micrometer, micron    microprocessor    microwave plasma, MW plasma   
mil    Miller capacitance,    Miller indices   
MIM    MIMIC, MMIC    minienvironment   
minority carriers    MIS    MISFET   
mist deposition    MNOS    mobile charge   
mobility    MOCVD    MODFET,   
modulation doping,    MOEMS    Molecular Beam Epitaxy, MBE   
molecular bond    molelectronics    molybdenum silicide, MoSi2   
monolithic IC    Moore's law    MOS gate,   
MOS, Metal Oxide Semiconductor    MOSFET    MOSFET scaling,   
MOST    MPGA    MPS   
MRAM,    MTBF    MTL   
MuGFET. Multi-gate FET    Multichip Module, MCM    multicrystalline material   
multilayer metallization    multilayer resist    multilevel interconnect, MLI   
multilevel metallization    multiple patterning   

n, refractive index    NAA    nanocrystal quantum dot, NQD,   
nanodot    nanoglass    nanoheteroepitaxy, NHE   
nanometer, nm    nano-ordered semiconductors,    nanoporous silica   
nanotechnology    nanotechnology, conventional    nanotechnology, new generation   
nanotube    nanowire    native oxide   
NBTI,    negative charge dielectric    negative resist   
negative resistance    NEMS    NGL   
NGL, Next Generation Lithography    nickel silicide, NiSi    nitric oxide, NO   
nitridation    nitrided oxide    nitrogen, N2   
nitrous oxide, N2O    NMOSFET    NO, N2O oxidation   
non-contact electrical characterization    non-radiative recombination    non-selective etching   
non-volatile memory    normally "off" MOSFET    normally "on" MOSFET   
NTD    n-type semiconductor    nucleation   
numerical aperture, NA   

OBIC    OEM    OFET   
ohmic contact    OLED    omega gate,   
OMVPE    ONO    opaque material   
OPC,    Open-circuit voltage    OPL   
optical emission spectroscopy, OES    optical interconnects    optical lithography   
organic contaminant    organic LED, OLED    organic semiconductor   
organic solvent    organic TFT, OTFT    OSC   
OSF    OSQB    outdiffusion   
overetchig    overlay    oxidation constants   
oxidation kinetics    oxidation mask    oxide   
oxide breakdown    oxide etching    oxide fixed charge, Qf   
oxide mobile charge, Qm    oxide trapped charge    oxygen in silicon   
ozonated water    ozone   

package    packaging    PAL   
parallel plate reactor    Partially- Depleted SOI, PDSOI    particle   
particle counter    particle removal    passivation   
passive element,    pattern definition    pattern generation, generator   
Pauli exclusion principle    PCM,    PCRAM   
PDIP    PDP    PEEM   
Penn State University, University Park Campus,    pentacene    percolation   
permittivity of vacuum    phase shift mask, PSM    phase shifter,   
PHEMT    pHEMT    phonon   
phophorescence,    phosphine, PH3    phosphorus tetrachloride, POCl3   
phosphorus, P    phosphosilicate glass, PSG    photocurrent   
photocurrent    Photo-CVD    photodetector   
photodiode    photoelectric effect    photoemulsion   
photoemulsion mask    photolithography, optical lithography    photomask   
photon    photonic device    photoresist   
photoresistor    photostabilization of resist    phototransistor   
photovoltaic effect,    photovoltaics,    physical etching   
Physical Liquid Deposition. PLD    Physical Vapor Deposition, PVD    physisorption   
pi gate,     PIC,    piezoresistivity,   
Pin Grid Array, PGA    p-i-n junction, PIN    pinhole   
pionics,    Piranha clean    pitch   
planar CMOS    planar defect    planar process   
planar transistor    planarization    planarizing resist   
Planck constant, h    plane channeling,    plasma   
plasma anodization    plasma ashing    Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition, PECVD   
plasma etching    Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation, PIII    plastic ICs   
platinum silicide, PtSi    PLCC    PLD'   
PLED    plug    PMMA   
PMOLED    PMOSFET    p-n junction   
p-n junction isolation    POA    POCL   
point defect    Poisson equation    polar semiconductor   
POLED    polishing    polprzewodnik   
poly - Si gate    poly depletion    polycrystalline material, poly   
polycrystalline silicon, poly Si    Poole - Frenkel conduction    Poole-Frenkel emission   
POR,    porous dielectric    positive charge dielectric   
positive resist    post-CMOS    post-CMP cleaning   
post-implant anneal    potential barrier    POU   
power - delay product    power device    ppb   
ppm    PRE    pre-damage implants   
predeposition    preferential etching    pressure units   
PREVEIL    primitive cell,    process diagnostics   
process monitoring    progressive breakdown    projected range   
projection printing    PROM    protocrystalline material'   
proximity effect    proximity printing    pseudomorphic material   
p-type semiconductor    puller    Pulsed Laser Deposition, PLD,   
PUT    PV    PVD   

Qbd    QD LED,    QFP,   
quad package,    quantum device    quantum dot   
quantum efficiency    quantum well    quartz   
quasi-Fermi level    quasistatic C-V   

radial p-n junction,    radiant heating    radiation wavelength - energy conversion   
radiative recombination    Radio Frequency, RF, plasma    raised source-drain   
RAM    ramp voltage oxide breakdown, Ebd    Rapid Thermal Processing, RTP   
raster scan    Rayleigh equation,    RBS   
RCA    RCA-1, RCA1, RCA 1    RCA-2, RCA2, RCA 2   
reactive evaporation    Reactive Ion Etching, RIE    reactive sputtering   
recombination    recombination center,    recombination current   
recombination lifetime    recombination site    rectifying contact   
redistribution    refractive index, n    regioregular polythiophene   
release process    remote plasma, downstream plasma    resist   
resist ashing    resist stripping    resistivity   
resolution    resonant tunneling    RET   
RET,    reticle    retrograde gate   
retrograde well    reverse bias    reverse breakdown voltage,   
RF    RGA    RHEED   
RIBE    rinsing    R-metal MOS gate    
roll-off    roll-to-roll process, R2R,    ROM   
Roots pump    rotagoni drying    rough, roughing, pump   
roughness    RTA    RTC   
RTCVD    RTN    RTO   
RTP    RTS   

SACVD    SALICIDE process    SAM (Auger)   
SAM (Monolayer)    SAMOS    sapphire   
saturation current    SC-1, SC1, SC 1    SC-2, SC2, SC 2   
scaling rules    SCALPEL    Scanning Electron Microscopy, SEM   
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, STM    scattering    sccm   
SCE    Schottky barrier    Schottky clamped transistor   
Schottky defect    Schottky diode    Schottky effect   
Schottky emission    Schrodinger equation    SCR   
screw dislocation,    scrub, scrubbing    SCS   
SDHT    Secco etch    seed crystal   
SEG    segregation coefficient, m    SEL , Surface - Emitting Laser   
Selective Area Chemical Vapor Deposition, SACVD    selective epitaxy    selective etching   
selective exposure    SELED , Surface- Emitting LED    semiconducteur   
semiconductor    semiconductor device    semiconductor diode   
semiconductor laser    semiconductore    semi-insulating semiconductor   
series resistance    shadow mask    shadowing effect   
shallow junction    shallow trench isolation, STI    sheet resistance   
Shockley - Read - Hall theory    short-channel effect, SCE,    short-circuit current   
silane, SiH4    SILC    silicidation   
silicide, silicides    silicon carbide, SiC    silicon dioxide, SiO2   
silicon dopants    silicon etch    silicon germanium, SiGe   
silicon nanowire, SiNW    silicon nitride, Si3N4    silicon oxidation   
silicon oxynitride    silicon precursor    silicon tetrachloride, SiCl4   
silicon, Si    silicon-silicon dioxide, Si-SiO2, system    SiLK   
SIMOX,     SIMS    single charge ion   
single-chip module    single-crystal, single-crystal material    single-wafer cleaning   
single-wafer process    SiNW    SIP   
SiP,    SIPOS    Sirtl etch   
slicing    slurry    small-signal   
Smart Cut ™    SMIF    SMIF box, SMIF pod   
SOD    sodium, Na    soft bake   
soft breakdown    soft lithography,    SOI, Silicon-on-Insulator   
solar cell    Solid State Light Source, SSLS,    solid-phase crystallization, SPC   
solid-phase epitaxy, SPE,    solid-solubility limit    SOM   
sonic wave    SONOS,    SOS, Silicon-On-Sapphire   
source    source-drain engineering    space charge region   
spacer    SPC    spectroscopic ellipsometry, SE   
SPICE    spiking    spin cleaning   
spin drying    spin-on deposition, spin coating    spin-on glass, SOG   
spintronics    SPM    spontaneous emission   
spray cleaning    spray deposition    spreading resistance   
spreading resistance profiling    sputter yield    sputtering target   
sputtering, sputter deposition    sputtering, sputter etching    SRAM   
SRD    SRH    SRO   
SSI    sSOI,    stacking fault   
Staebler - Wronski effect    static charge    steam oxidation   
step and repeat projection    stepper    STI   
stimulated emission    STM    STO   
storage capacitor    storage time    straggle   
strain, biaxial,    strain, uniaxial,    strained - layer quantum-well device   
strained film    strained layer supperlattice, SLS    strained silicon   
stress    stressor    stripping   
strong inversion    sub-collector contact    suboxide   
substitutional    substitutional diffusion    substrate injection   
subthreshold region    supercritical cleaning    supercritical CO2 , SCCO2   
supercritical fluid    superlattice    SUPREM   
surface amorphization    surface analysis    surface charge   
surface charge analysis    surface cleaning    surface conditioning   
surface damage    surface dopant concentration    Surface Emitting Laser, SEL   
Surface Emitting Light Emitting Diode, SELED    surface mount technology, SMT    surface orientation   
surface passivation    Surface Photovoltage, SPV    surface potential   
surface recombination    surface recombination velocity    surface roughness   
surface state    surround gate    SWAMI   
SWCNT,    SWI    SWP   
synchrotron radiation   

TAB    TaN    tantalum carbide, TaC,   
tantalum pentoxide, Ta2O5    tantalum silicide, TaSi2    tantalum, Ta   
target    TCA    TCE   
TCO    TDDB    TD-GC-MS   
TED    TED(iffusion)    TED(iode)   
TEM    TEOS    TeraHertz Transistor   
ternary semiconductor    TFET, Tunnel FET,    TFT, Thin Film Transistor   
thermal budget    thermal conductivity    thermal evaporation   
thermal oxidation, thermal oxide    thermionic emission    thin film   
three-demensional (3-D) integrated circuits    threshold adjustment    threshold voltage,VT   
through silicon via, TSV,    thyristor    Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown, TDDB   
Time-Zero Dielectric Breakdown, TZDB    titanium nitride, TiN    titanium oxide, TiO3   
titanium silicide, TiSi2    titanium sublimation pump    titanium, Ti   
TOF-SIMS, TOFSIMS    top-down processing    Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence spectroscopy, TXRF   
transconductance    transient enhanced diffusion, TED    transistor   
transistor leakage    Transit-Time Diodes    transverse straggle   
trap,    TRAPATT diode    trench   
trench capacitor    trench isolation    trivalent silicon   
TSV,    TTF    TTL   
tungsten silicide, WSi2    tungsten, W    tunnel oxide   
tunneling, tunneling current    TUNNET    turbomolecular pump   

UHV    UHV CVD    UJT   
ULPA filter    ULSI    ultrasonic agitation, ultrasonic scrubbing   
ultra-thin oxide    Ultra-Thin Silicon on Sapphire, UTSOS    U-MOSFET, UMOS   
undercut    uniaxial strain,    unipolar device   
unipolar transistor    unlimited source diffusion    unsaturated bond   
UPS    USJ    UTB SOI,   
UV cleaning    UV, ultraviolet    UV/Cl2   

vacancy     vacancy    vacuum level,   
vacuum pump,    valence band    Van der Pauw method   
van der Waals force    varactor    variable shape beam   
varistor    VCSEL    VDMOSFET   
vector scan    velocity overshoot    velocity saturation   
vertical channel    vertical diffusion    vertical furnace   
vertical transistor    VeSFET    VeSTICS   
Vfb roll-ff    VHSIC    via   
via first,    via last,    via veil   
VLS growth    VLSI    V-MOSFEF, VMOS   
volatile memory    volume defect    VPD   
VPD - AAS    VUV   

wafer    wafer bonding    wafer charging   
wafer diameter    wafer fabrication    wafer flat   
wafer reclaiming,    Wafer Scale Integration, WSI    wafer track   
wafer warpage    wafer-level packaging,    Weibull plot   
well    wet bench    wet cleaning   
wet etching    wet oxidation    wetting angle   
WF    wide bandgap semiconductor    wire bonding   
work function    work function difference    WSI   
WSP,    Wurtzite structure   

XPS    X-ray diffraction    X-ray Fluoroescence, XRF   
X-ray lithography    X-ray mask    X-ray resist   

yield    yield ramping   

Zener diode    Zener effect    Zener tunneling   
Zerbst plot    zeta potential    zinc blend lattice   
zinc oxide, ZnO    Zinc sulfide, ZnS    zirconium silicate, ZrSiO4   
zirconuim oxide, zirconia, ZrO2    Z-RAM   
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Jerzy Ruzyllo is a Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Penn State University.

This book gives a complete account of semiconductor engineering covering semiconductor properties, semiconductor materials, semiconductor devices and their uses, process technology, fabrication processes, and semiconductor materials and process characterization.

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